~ It’s all about Nina!

Who doesn’t love Offspring?!?

(If you have not seen Offspring Season 1, 2, or 3 I highly recommend you come in to Butterscotch and borrow my DVD Boxed copies!)

I absolutely love this show. The gorgeous apartments, the fashion, the characters, the relationships, and of course Nina!


When I first started watching the show I could really relate to the characters and the story lines, but most of all I could relate to Nina.

Is there a character that you can relate to?



 Billie and Nina’s sister bond is something I really adore! Having two sisters myself and all of us being strong, independent, opinionated women I find the show a great laugh and often think of me and my sisters when I watch it!




Now this would have to be an episode I think a lot of us can really relate to! Nina looking sexy and burning it up on the dance floor…..well in in her mind anyway!! Reality was that she was a bit of a mess, and an unco! I definitely have had these moments. I have to say I am pretty invincible when I have a few champagnes, and my adorable husband can vouch at how sexy I look out there…I am pretty darn HOT!…Ha ha ha…and he tells me all about the next day….oooohhh head in hands…


I am a real sucker for a great love story…and that brings me to Nina and Patrick, ah sigh! I love the way these guys met and then eventually fell in love. Patrick …from villain to sex on legs! Hot hot hot! Yes I originally was a fan of Nina’s Chris relationship I have to admit, but I moved on very quickly, along with Nina when Patrick came along!


Nina’s fashion sense….Love it or Hate it?

I LoVe it….who is surprised? I have a bit of a boot fetish I have to admit, so I love seeing Nina’s wardrobe which mainly goes back with long boots! I started my boot collection years ago with a faithful, still going strong, pair of tan boots from Country Road. I chose tan because I could put them back with black, blue, brown, red, pink…anything really. I loved my boots and wore them and still wear them to death! Then I moved onto another pair from Country Road….Chocolate Brown. My second favourite most comfy boots I own. Now my collection has grown to include…..Camper, D Co, Wittner, Flannel etc etc etc.  So how do I justify buying yet another pair of boots…..well for instance I am currently on the hunt for another pair, I have black high, black low, tan high, tan low, chocolate high…but no chocolate low, camel high…but no camel low, red high…but no red low, olive green short boots…but not olive green long high boots…. AND working in retail I NEED flat (low) boots right and you cant wear the same pair of boots two days in a row…rule of thumb for retail when your standing on your feet all day, as you will suffer the next day from sore tootsies, no matter what footwear trust me I’ve been there….sandals, ballets, boots, and even the humble thongs. (Loving these Blue boots btw, hunting for this shade too!)


Hands up if you liked the pressed metal tin in Nina’s apartment! I lived in Victoria, Australia, and grew up in an area where pressed tin ceilings were “the norm”. I am yet to incorporate any pressed metal tin into our house in WA, but we have just had a new kitchen installed and have not decided on the splashback yet, so I am thinking of using pressed metal tin, but I also love  hand painted Portugese  tiles so maybe both? Hmm decisions, anyway I am a BiG fan of this beautiful feature wall using the  Shield panels. Love love love!

I hope you enjoyed my first “Blog” and I look forward to sharing my stories again soon! I am now off to catch up on Offspring episodes on my computer….can anyone relate to living on a farm and not getting 100% digital television reception?!?

 Caroline  xox