Mini Woodblock - Pink Robin


Who needs a feather boa when you have a belly this pink & fluffy?! This flamboyant little Pink Robin is super cute and far more sexy than his female friends who fade a little into the background with not a hint of pink to be seen! The Pink Robin is just 10g in weight and is native to South Eastern Australia.

The Mini Woodblock is designed to be that little piece of zest, that little artwork you need to add life to a spot in your home... without breaking the budget!

The Mini Woodblocks combine hand drawn & printed illustrations with beautiful fabrics, mixed media & resin. You can hang your Lost & Found Art Co woodblock on the wall or stand it in amongst your treasures or indoor plants for a pop of unexpected colour.

Sized @ 12x9x3cm & suitable for indoor use only. Created with UV & HAL stabilised resin for efficient long term ageing & yellowing protection. Do not immerse in water and dust & buff with a slightly damp cloth.