Pillow Case Set: Rainbow Floral Charcoal

Gift yourself a bunch of beautiful blooms each day. We have collaborated with wonderful French artist Nathalie Lete to produce a small range of pillowcases and cushions. More about Nathalie below Nathalie has created a beautiful painting of flowers on the front side of this double sided pillowcase. The back features a print by Nathalie called Losange Vienne. Exclusively for Lazybones Digital print on Fair Trade GOTS certified organic cotton 48cm x 72cm (19" x 28.5") SET OF 2 Made in India Nathalie Lete + Lazybones Nathalie Lete was born in 1964. She lives and works in Paris. She works in many ways, mixing different techniques and mediums, illustration, ceramics, textiles and painting... She is inspired by her travels, but also by the mixing of vintage toys and old engravings of flowers and animals. Her work is colourful, naive and poetic, sometimes strange, to the point of tending towards art brut. Her world is nurtured by popular and folk art from her both origins (her Chinese father and her German mother). Rainbow Floral Charcoal pillowcase set pictured wth Prairie Folk, Atelier Martine and Rainbow Floral Pink pillowcase sets. Also with Garden quilt and Vienna sheet set plus Prairie sheet set and Rosette quilt in Charcoal stripe.